Company Info


Bear Claw Studios is the brainchild of Jacob Bear.  The studio was created in the early 90’s when Jacob released his first comic, “The Knight”, at the age of 17.  While Bear Claw Studios has been around for many years, it wasn’t until a few years ago Jacob was able to pursue his dreams and start the production of his own comic books.  Shortly after beginning this new venture, Dan Feldmeier, a writer and artist, was brought on board by Jacob.  Between the two artists they have over 20 years of both analog and digital art experience.


The Crew

Jacob Bear, the founder, has provided layouts, pencils, and inks for a variety of comic book companies, including DC, Image, Dynamite and Zenescope.  He has worked closely with Marat Mychaels as well as Rob Liefield.


Dan Feldmeier, while not yet published, has been drawing and painting for over two decades.  He is comfortable with a variety of styles, ranging from a more simplistic/cartoon style to a more detailed painted style.  He is also currently writing a few comic books for Bear Claw Studios which he’ll be providing the colors for as well.